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Request Page

Please, Read the following rules first thanks:

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1- Don’t ask for specific host or size (i will give you the best),
2- You are free to tell me about the Quality you need,
3- Don’t ask for another request before your first request was finished,
4- Don’t ask twice for the same request,
5- All requests will processed respectively,
6- Give me IMDB link for movies to make it easy,
7- No more TV Shows in request page,
8- I am not a robot so give me some rest,
9- Please Mention Your request with Quality And Size Its Important,


We Had Remove Some Content From Site and Lots of Visitor Want Reason,
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61 responses to “Request Page”

  1. Aladhin says:

    Please upload jhyanakuti nepali movie which is in iflix application.

  2. killer2 says:

    Please upload chhakka panja 2 nepali movie

  3. Arun says:

    Where is Nepali movies admin ? I’m too fan of this site 🤔

  4. Arun says:

    My pleasure admin .. I will share as much as I can. 😄 Keep uploading Nepali latest movies. Thank you 🙏

  5. Arun says: chhakka panja 2 movie source 🙏

  6. Arun says:

    My mistake admin.. 😅

  7. Roshan says:

    Plzz upload garudpuran nepali movie admin.
    I love this web site.
    I will share this website with my friends.
    Plzz upload latest new nepali movies

  8. Aamir says:

    Sarr vardi movie sunny Deol ki upload kijiye

  9. epps says:

    Hello admin upload change chet movie which is available in videopasal app or

  10. Prem says:

    Admin did you removed ” nai nabhannu la 5″ nepali movie??

  11. Suratshah says:

    Malika movie link please give me

  12. Reeshabh says:

    Plz admin uploud nepali movie kaira

  13. Ashis says:

    Please upload Nepali movie changa chet & Jaya Shree Daam From link videoPasal

  14. Achyut says:

    Admin Please Upload Nepali Movie Aishwarya From Fopi App……….

  15. Aalok says:

    Sir plz upload Nepali Movie ,Aishwarys,Laal purja ,Villian kaayra etc.

  16. Suraj shah says:

    sir plz upload nepali aishwary villan
    etc plz

  17. krishna mandal says:

    plz upload welcone 2 karachi

  18. Krishna says:

    Sir Please upload Hollywood Movie Limitless 2011 In Dual Audio Hindi please sir upload this movie

  19. Raazaa says:

    Why do you remove Nepali movie link Malika ?
    We are thakful if you provide Nepali movie,
    This could be another platform for Nepali movies, now we have only youtube.
    So plz keep uploading.

  20. Pandit Bajeko Lauri nepli movie upload soon please avalibla in

  21. Krishna Chy says:

    Sir Please upload Hollywood Movie Limitless 2011 In Dual Audio Hindi please sir upload this movie

  22. jmaker says:

    Please post movie veere di wedding from zee5. 720 p

  23. Raazaa says:

    Its been a long time without any Nepali movie. When & which movie is coming ?
    We are waiting movies available in iflix.

  24. Toheed says:

    EP 15 k bad k episode kider hen ? 5 ep zip file onwards pls upload

  25. KOUSHIK says:

    Transporter 3 (2008)

  26. Roshan says:

    Hello admin
    Need to upload plzzz new nepali movies aishwarya, kaira laal purja which are available in iflix apps

  27. Arunl says:

    Matilda (1996) in dual audio

  28. safir ahmed says:

    Deadpool 2 hindi

  29. Krishna Chy says:

    Hello sir where’s the section of nepali movies

  30. krishna mandal says:

    hello sir plz upload nepali movies

  31. krishna mandal says:

    plz upload chhaka panza 2

  32. Hello y removed all nepali movies

  33. Raazaa says:

    Where is nepali movies link ?

    Plz update soon.

  34. KOUSHIK says:

    Anaconda all movies

  35. Arun says:

    I already joined telegram . Please provide 500 Mb new nepali movies links .

  36. Arun says:

    My dear nepali brothers come let’s join telegram for more updates

  37. KOUSHIK says:

    Pay the Ghost 2015

  38. Vishnuu Thapaa says:

    Please upload Hollywood movie undisputed 4 in hindi

  39. Vishnuu Thapaa says:

    Please upload Hollywood movie undisputed in Hindi

  40. Mantragopal says:

    Admin plz upload chakka panja 3

  41. 9xmovies says:

    Please upload student of the year 2 hd in 720p

  42. krishna mandal says:

    plz upload hollywood ghost writer in hindi

  43. asfa says:

    sir , please upload into the badlands S03 episodes 9 to 16 which has been dubbed in Hindi this week , please upload this in 480p resolution please…

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