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Request Page

Please, Read the following rules first thanks:

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1- Don’t ask for specific host or size (i will give you the best),
2- You are free to tell me about the Quality you need,
3- Don’t ask for another request before your first request was finished,
4- Don’t ask twice for the same request,
5- All requests will processed respectively,
6- Give me IMDB link for movies to make it easy,
7- No more TV Shows in request page,
8- I am not a robot so give me some rest,
9- Please Mention Your request with Quality And Size Its Important,


141 responses to “Request Page”

  1. DRB says:

    Please Upload Latest South Movies 🙂

  2. praful dabade says:

    please zee5 episodes videos m3u8 to Mp4 how to download request sir please

    • admin says:

      Hi, We Have Our own Method To Download, You May Request Us For Any Movies From, We Will Bring For You As Soon As Possible,

      Please Share Our Site and Help Us to Grow,

  3. Ram says:

    Kindly post endrendum punnagai movie from zee5

  4. Akash Majumdar says:

    I need shaddhi main zaroor ana full hd 1080p print. Other prints out there are not great and sound quality worse. So I’ll be happy if you upload a good print which is available in zee5.
    Here’s the imdb link

  5. Akash Majumdar says:
    Need shaddhi main zaroor ana from zee5 in 1080p good print with clear audio. Thankyou

  6. zubairyaseen says:

    Cau u Upload This Series from Zee5 in 576p Or 720p…

  7. Pawan prasad says:

    Need yee jawanni hain diwani 1080p print available on Amazon prime, or from another source

  8. abhishek ghosh says:

    Need 1080p print krrish 3

  9. abhishek ghosh says:

    need 1080p print krrish 3

  10. Abbi Raj says:

    Balam Ji Love You To Dekh Kar Maja Aa Gaya bro nirahua Hindustani 3 kab daliyega

  11. Abbi Raj says:

    Hii Bro Balam Ji Love Movie Dekh Ke Maja Aa Gaya nirahua Hindustani kab daliyega

  12. Vishal Kumar says:

    hii bro nirahua Hindustani movie kab upload kijiyega

  13. Prachit Jain says:

    Please Upload It’s Not That Simple Season 02 in 480p

  14. sweety says:

    pihu movie plz upload

  15. sweety says:


  16. Surajshah says:

    New nepali movie uploaded

  17. sweety says:

    plz update gully boy links

  18. sonu says:

    Amavas hindi plz upload

  19. Prachit Jain says:

    Please upload Mxplayer original Webseries I’m mature , Hey Prabhu and Aafat in 480p

  20. sweety says:

    plz upload petta hd movie

  21. sweety says:

    plz upload abhay webseries

  22. Priyanshu Kothari says:

    Please upload Addatimes Webseries The Senapatis Vol-1 in Hindi in 480p

  23. sweety says:

    luka chuppi plz upload

  24. sweety says:

    alt balaji webseries plz upload admin

  25. sweety says:

    Race 3 Movie Plz upload

  26. rani says:

    badla movie upload plzz

  27. nitu says:

    alt balaji web series upload plz

  28. nitu says:


  29. nitu says:

    Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat WEB SERIES ALT BALAJI

  30. nitu says:

    Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat web series

  31. sweety says:

    Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain season 2 all episode plz yupload

  32. sweety says:

    gandi baat season 2 webseries all episode plz upload

  33. sweety says:

    Thnk u dude

  34. sweety says:

    saheb gujrathi movie upload plz

  35. sweety says:

    kesari movie upload plz

  36. sweety says:

    thunk u so much

  37. sweety says:

    kesari half an hour missing plz upload full movie

  38. James says:

    Hi good morning. I am james from UAE….. i like nepali movies and i aslo watch…… can new upload more new Nepali movies with high resolution (1920*1280 ) or more ……

    I hope you don’t mind…
    Thank you

  39. sweety says:

    plz upload milan talkies

  40. sweety says:

    Plz upload pk (2014) and Rocky Handsome (2016)

  41. Hacker says:

    Please Upload Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela 720p

  42. sweety says:

    junglee predvd plz upload

  43. sweety says:

    thnkz dude for pk and johny handsome

  44. sweety says:

    karenjit kaur season 3 plz upload

  45. TARUN says:

    Please correct the broken links of hatim 2003 serial

  46. swetty says:

    rameo akbar walter new hq print plz upload

  47. suratshah says:

    please upload nepali movie

  48. sweety says:

    operation cobra eros webseries all episode plz upload

  49. ksb says:

    kri nepali movie

  50. narayan says:

    Kri Nepali Movie

  51. sweety says:

    notebook movie plz upload

  52. sweety says:

    plz upload gandi baat season 2 new episode

  53. yam says:

    plz kesari in hd print 😊

  54. KOUSHIK says:

    red dawn

  55. Meet says:

    Upload Rowdy No 1 south hindi dubbed

  56. KOUSHIK says:

    bond movies list

  57. arun says:

    Prasad ‘प्रसाद’ Nepali movie or chaaka panja 3 (छक्का पन्जा ३) 😅

  58. Suraj shah says:

    Nikil upreti movie upload
    Nepali all

  59. KOUSHIK says:

    James Bond movies

  60. KOUSHIK says:

    spy kids movic

  61. KOUSHIK says:

    Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
    Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
    Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

  62. Vishnu says:

    Please upload new Nepali movie changa Chet.

  63. Lailaa says:

    Bro Please Upload Baarish Alt balaji Web Sires and 377 Ubnormal

  64. Meet says:

    Upload Nayaki (Zee5) South Hindi Dubbed Movie

  65. Mohan says:

    Nai na bhanu lai 5

  66. Vijayshashi says:

    Bro.. Please Upload Thai curry Bengali movie

  67. Ashwin Kumar says:

    Bro Please Upload Surya The Soldier Dual Audio please ….

  68. Vijayshashi says:

    Bro Please Upload Surya The Soldier Dual Audio please ….

  69. girish says:

    plz update
    do lafzon ki kahani movie

  70. girish says:

    plz update bose dead or live all episodes

  71. Vijayshashi says:

    Bro Please Upload Jism and Mercury movie

  72. Meet says:

    Upload Daringbaaz 3 And Mantra 2 (ZEE5)

  73. ravi says:

    plz update punch beat all episodes

  74. sagar says:

    plz upload the test case all episodes

  75. sagar says:

    pla upload alt balaji apharan all episodes

  76. baklu says:

    the break up nepali movie

  77. abhi says:

    plz upload ragini mms returns all episodes

  78. Dhirendra Gupta says:

    Please Upload : Roadies real hero upload Tv show

  79. Meet says:

    Thank You Admin

  80. Meet says:

    Thanks Admin

  81. abhi says:

    plz update bekaaboo all episodes

  82. krishna says:

    Plz upload kumkum bhagya all episode

  83. deepu says:

    plz upload rowdy rajkumar 2 movie

  84. Abdul Alim says:

    Please Fix The broken link of rangasthalam movie

  85. Surat shah says:

    Please upload nepali movie villan

  86. Vijayshashi says:

    Bro please Upload Kantri telugu movie

  87. abhi says:

    bro plz update kanchana 3 telugu movie

  88. Krishna says:

    Sir please upload chhakka Panja 2 Nepali movie please sir as soon as possible please sir upload this movie fast

  89. Vijayshashi says:

    Please Upload Class of 2017 Alt Balaji web Series Bro….

  90. Krishna says:

    Sir upload all episodes of bandbudh aur Budbak in Hindi. The episodes of bandbudh aur Budbak is 153 or 156

  91. Vijayshashi says:

    Sir Please Upload Jadu Kadai Bengali Movie

  92. KOUSHIK says:

    Childs Play 1988

  93. vijay says:

    bro plz update daring rakhwala movie

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